Te Rūnanga


Ngāti Mutunga descends from a number of ancestors who lived in the area occupied today by ngā uri o ngā tūpuna o Ngāti Mutunga. These ancestors include Tokauri, Tokatea, Mihirau, Heruika, Pūrakino, Rakaupounamu, Uenuku (son of Ruawahia), Hineweo, Hineno, Te Hihiotū, Kahukura and Mutunga.

Ngāti Mutunga also descends from ancestors who arrived on the Tokomaru, Tahatuna and Ōkoki waka such as Taitaawaro, Manaia and Ngānganarūrū. Over generations the descendants of these tūpuna inter-married and became generally known as Ngāti Mutunga.

It is difficult to determine how many Ngāti Mutunga people there are. Our Taranaki rohe was once densely populated with many kāinga and pā. A number of factors such as warfare and migration, loss of land through wrongful Crown confiscation, and urban migration led to a decline in the population identifying as Ngāti Mutunga during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Today our sole remaining marae is located in Urenui, a small seaside village located approximately 32 km north of New Plymouth and 20 km north of Waitara.

Like most Iwi, Ngāti Mutunga now has members spread far and wide. The main concentrations of Ngāti Mutunga populations are located within Taranaki, Christchurch and Wellington. The majority of Ngāti Mutunga descendants (approximately 73%) live outside Taranaki.



Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Mutunga is the governance body which owns and administers our collective assets for the benefit of Ngāti Mutunga.

The Rūnanga is a Trust consisting of five (5) elected representatives drawn from the adult registered members (being registered descendants of Ngāti Mutunga tūpuna or nga Uri o nga tūpuna o Ngāti Mutunga). The Rūnanga operates according to an Iwi agreed set of rules called the Charter.

Trustees are elected on an annual basis and serve for a term of three years.

The Rūnanga owns and administers the assets through three subsidiary entities, a company (Maruehi Fisheries Ltd), an investment trust (Ngāti Mutunga Investment charitable Trust), and a community development trust (Ngāti Mutunga Community Development Charitable Trust).

The primary objective for the Rūnanga over the next twelve months is to ensure that the governance, management and administration capabilities are well developed to manage the affairs of the Rūnanga effectively.

Our Vision

Ngāti Mutunga is culturally strong, secure in its identity and economically prosperous.

Our Purpose

Whiria te tangata
Whiria te kaupapa
Whiria nga taonga tuku iho o Ngāti Mutunga

Our Mission

To facilitate the growth and development of our people and our culture, Ngāti Mutungatanga.

To prudently accelerate the growth of our assets.



(Strategic Plan 2019-2024)

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