Pēpi Packs

Pēpi Packs

Due to the high number of responses we have decided to provide greater clarity to our whānau regarding the process.

We are pleased to inform whānau that our Pēpi Packs are ready and available for newborn Pēpi from 0-3 months. To be eligible for a Pēpi Pack one of the parents needs to be a registered member of Ngāti Mutunga.

The process for our Pēpi Packs are as follows.

  • Register for Pēpi Pack
  • Acknowledgement of registration
  • Process of registration
  • Pēpi Packs sent out

To register for a Pēpi Pack click the registration link below.

We would like to thank Shanin Tuuta-Hughes and Pera Heihei their family and especially their beautiful baby girl Te Ao o te Po. Our first recipient of a Pepi Pack, streamed live on our Facebook Page.

If you have any questions please make contact with the office by phone on 06 752 3247 or by email on office@ngatimutunga.iwi.nz.